What you need to know about transforming your smile with Invisalign® treatment.

What is Phase 1?

As a child grows, their smile grows with them. And even with baby teeth, it may be the perfect time for children ages 6 to 10 to start orthodontic treatment. This is known as Phase 1 treatment.

What are the advantages of Phase 1 treatment?

Crowded teeth can make it hard to brush and floss well. Then it’s easier for plaque, tartar, and harmful bacterial to build up — and down the line, this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Your crowded teeth can also get worse over time.

The goal of Phase 1 treatment is to develop young jaws and/or arches to make room for existing teeth and for incoming permanent teeth. 

  • Can prevent pre-existing bite issues from getting worse.
  • Can fix existing teeth straightening conditions.
  • Can improve the appearance of a growing child’s smile.
  • Can help with oral habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.
  • Can make Phase 2 treatment shorter and easier.

Can Invisalign First aligners be used for Phase 1 treatment?

Yes, Invisalign First aligners can fix a broad range of teeth straightening issues, including crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches. Dr. Emannouil Inglezos Orthodontist can show you what Invisalign treatment can do for you.

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